London’s landscape has changed in the last few decades and home renovations have been a big part of its new panorama. Because land is scarce in the city, homeowners have been expanding by building up instead of out. Many convert attics into bedrooms, add dormers and build on balconies. As a result, roof window experts like Skylight Fitters are in demand. They are also popular because they offer a range of budget-friendly, quality products and custom services.

Window Experts Offer Affordable Quality

The finest roof window outfitters provide clients with affordable, industry-leading products. They partner with suppliers like Velux and then pass on their trade discounts to homeowners who arrange for installation. Since clients know that they are getting the best possible prices, they are saved the time and effort of comparison shopping for products.

Roof Window Specialists Provide Custom Solutions

Roof upgrades often require unique window solutions, so quality installers provide teams of well-trained technicians. Each is an experienced, insured velux installer who can add windows to spaces of any size or shape. Some of products that they routinely customize for clients include:

Electric center-pivot windows that are ideal for hard-to-reach spaces

Top hung roof windows which allow more than 18% more light in

Window systems that instantly turn roofs into balconies

Left-or-right base roof terrace packages that open at 180 degree angles

Technicians Also Maintain Roof Windows

Over time even the best roof windows can become murky or inefficient, so companies that install them also provide expert maintenance. Their teams can clean outer panes using safe instruments, soaps and manufacturer suggested techniques. They will clear debris from nearby flashings, to allow water to drain away. Teams also remove snow and ice from windows. Technicians supply and change air filters that are part of Velux systems. They teach clients how to avoid condensation on inner windows and provide tips designed to keep windows in good condition.

Teams of dedicated roof window installers are helping change London’s look. They are often called on when homeowners re-purpose attics, add dormers or otherwise utilize attic space. Well-trained installers offer custom installation solutions and also provide ongoing window maintenance services.